The studio was founded by Lieve Van Renterghem. From a very young age, she practised ballet intensively. At one point, the step to teaching was automatic. In 1990 she came into contact with Pilates and immediately believed in the basic philosophy as the starting point to develop body awareness among children and young people during ballet lessons. Parallel to her Architecture studies, during 5 years she was privately mentored by Ingrid Lootvoet (Knokke) in the Cecchetti ballet technique (I.S.T.D.) and Pilates. She soon realized the importance of solid pedagogical training to teach, for which Mrs Lootvoet was her mentor. After graduating as an Architect, she followed complementary university studies in Cultural Sciences, with specialization in Dance, at the Free University of Brussels. In 1993 she started a small-scale ballet studio for children in Kapellen, with a central focus on personal coaching and respect for the students’ individual capacities. In the first years, she combined this with university studies in Philosophy at the then UFSIA university in Antwerp, obtaining the ‘kandidaatsdiploma’ in Philosophy. As from 2002 and at the request of interested parents, the studio’s offer of Pilates lessons increased.

In the meantime, she closely followed further growth of the Pilates method, which was only known in the dance world in the 1990s. She followed training as a Sport Masseur, consciously choosing to do so in the Netherlands where this training is a structured one-year professional training course with duly substantiated requirements and examinations. After reading ‘Pilates’ by BASI® founder Rael Isacowitz, she was fully convinced of the BASI® philosophy and the approach of this method. Isacowitz’ vision, in which a pure anatomical and biomechanical approach is combined with a focus on correct form, beauty and quality of line and movement, was fundamentally aligned to her own vision and educational background. Moreover, in view of the respect for the classic method, combined with the integration of insights from contemporary physiotherapy, the choice of BASI® was evident (BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International). After several trainings, follow-up trainings and intense self-study, she started with the BASI® mat training in Amsterdam. Soon after, she followed the BASI® comprehensive training led by Amy Cox, Mariam Younossi, Mario Alfonso and Ashley Ritchie. She obtained her Comprehensive Certification with a paper on ‘Biotensegrity’ in which she combined her interest developed during her architectural studies in the study of form, structure and patterns in nature and art with a new biomechanical model in biology and particularly in physiotherapy. She hopes to further deepen this study in the future.


Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher – BASI® Pilates
BASI® Mentor program (Ilaria Pulidori & Maria Sylla)
BASI® Master 1
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)
Diploma Sport Masseur IVS opleidingen Nederland

Complementary training and follow-up training:


    • Pilates and Pregnancy (Pilates Institute)
    • Pilates and Osteoporosis (BASI®)
    • Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies (Advanced Education certificate course BASI®)
    • Ground control Pilates Mat certificate
    • Pilates Company equipment training
    • The Pilates Matrix Module 1: Assessment & Training for low load Motor Control Stability (Warwick McNeill)
    • SmartCore workshop/ Teach & Treat (Marie- José Blom)
    • The power of aging (Rael Isacowitz)


  • Fascial Fitness training introduction course (Dr. Robert Schleip)
  • The Fascial Hub:
    • The Fascial Pelvis
    • The Fascial Foot
    • The Fascial Spine


  • Anatomy Trains in Training (Ari-Pekka Lindberg)
  • Anatomy Trains in motion (Stephanie Ross-Russell)
  • Anatomy Trains in structure and function Live Online Course
  • Anatomy Trains Dissection Live Stream (Thomas Myer & Todd Garcia)
  • Anatomy Trains Live Webinars (dec 2020- jan 2021)
  • Anatomy Trains Feeling your way through the lines
  • Rolling along the Anatomy Trains lines (Thomas Myer & Jill Miller)


  • Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back (Eric Franklin)
  • Happy Face Fitness (Eric Franklin)


  • Dianne Miller
  • Ton Voogd and Michael Friske
  • Michael King
  • Malcolm Muirhead
  • Nuala Coombs
  • Rebekah Rotstein


British Fascia Symposium 2020 – Online
World Fascia Congress 2021 – Online
Fascia in motion and living tensegrity – Online congress 2021
Pilates Method Alliance virtual research forum 2021
PMA Virtual conference 2021