General terms and conditions

The general conditions are applicable during a class/effectiveness of a card. If you have a fixed place, and your card is full or has expired, you are granted one week of preference to reconfirm your place, after which the place will be considered available to others.
Every purchase of a card is subsequently confirmed by email, so you can always check the validity of your card. All cards can be consulted in the studio at all times.

By taking part in the classes, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Prices are indexed annually as of 1 January.


All rates include 21% VAT. Payment can be made on account no. BE39 063-1965495-19 or at the studio when taking the first class. The studio has a POS terminal.
Single classes have to be paid in advance and are subject to the notice of cancellation conditions!
All payments have to be made in full prior to the start of the first class. Your reservation is guaranteed only after payment. Classes cannot be reimbursed. The validity of cards can be interrupted only because of serious medical reasons (more than 4 consecutive weeks and with a medical certificate). In case there is a waiting list for this class period, your place will be filled by someone else and you can be given priority as the first person on the waiting list when you are ready to restart. Lesson cards expire definitively after one calendar year.


All cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance . Online reservations can also be changed or canceled up to 24 hours in advance.  So that we can make timely rearrangements. The full class rate is charged in case of late cancellation. This is applicable for all classes!
In order to avoid confusion, please send all notices of cancellation by email or text message.
In case of timely notices of cancellation, the class can be moved within the period of validity of the card.
Notice of cancellation for semi-private classes:
If you cancel the class less than 24 hours in advance, the class will be charged and your partner will have a private class.

If you cancel the class more than 24 hours in advance:
After mutual agreement with the partner, it is possible to:

  • You can make a reservation for a class at another time
  • The partner can change the class to a 30-minute private class
  • The partner can change the class to a 60-minute private class (subject to additional payment/2 classes charged to card)
  • You can cancel the class together

Notice of cancellation trio classes;
The class proceeds if 2 participants are present, but only when 3 current lesson cards are in effect.


Classes have a duration of 55 minutes.

Class weeks are all weeks except for Belgian school holiday weeks.
Fixed places are applicable during these periods.
The studio is closed in July.
During school holidays, we only offer classes by appointment; we can offer group classes according to an alternative arrangement.
The information you provide to keep our database up-to-date can be consulted at any time. We respect your privacy. This information and all other information you provide when registering is used solely for internal purposes of the studio and will not under any circumstances be shared with third parties.

It is beyond discussion that Pilates has a therapeutic effect in many areas. Nonetheless, Pilates instructors do not have a medical background and are not therapists. This means that a Pilates class cannot replace medically overseen therapy. If you are not sure whether these classes are suitable for you, consult your doctor, physiotherapist or physical therapist. He or she can always contact us. When registering, we ask about relevant medical information that may influence the class. You are personally responsible for informing the instructor before the class in case of changes in your state of health. In a private or duo class, the exercises specifically respond to your possibilities and limitations. Always listen to your own body; pain is a signal that the exercise is being performed wrongly or of overexertion.



In order to ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the classes, we kindly ask that you observe the following points:

All classes start on time, please be present at least 5 minutes in advance.
Latecomers are an interruption!
Coming late for private, semi-private and trio classes does not entitle you to a longer class. So please be on time to make maximum use of a class.

  • In case I am absent, you will be informed (by phone/email/text message). The same goes when there is an insufficient number of participants. Always check your phone before coming to your class. In this case, the validity of lesson cards for group classes will be extended by one week.
  • We do not take any responsibility for things left behind in the changing room.
  • During group classes: out of respect for the other students, please turn off your mobile phone.
  • Please inform us of any change of address, phone number, email address, etc. so that we can keep our database up-to-date and ensure a fluent communication at all times.
  • The validity of all lesson cards is discontinued during Belgian school holidays.